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New name, new opportunities

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WSB Merito

You can find WSB Merito Universities in 11 cities in Poland.

The word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name 

The change of category is another step in the development of our universities, it expresses our broad, universal profile of education and academic activity. We were granted the right to use the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name due to the high evaluation results of the WSB-DSW Universities Research Federation of which we are a member.

We are an university. We prioritise both the practicality of the knowledge and skills that we teach and cooperation with the public. The student and their needs are of paramount importance to us.

The high ratings we received in as many as 8 disciplines from 3 fields entitled us to change our category and use the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name.

Changing the category opens up new opportunities for us – we have obtained the rights to confer doctoral and post-doctoral degrees.

We can develop a broader educational offer that will address the needs of candidates, current students and the labour market even more effectively.

Friendly and Practical

Our values have remained unchanged for years. They are the foundation on which we have built WSB's success – practicality and friendliness.


We are universities where we teach practically.

We identify and create new opportunities for development through continuous cooperation with the public.

Our curricula address current labour market trends.

We consult them with the Business Council and employers – representatives of various industries.

We provide a space for the exchange of experience, skills and knowledge.

We are open to change both in terms of the ways in which we teach and in terms of shaping a friendly environment.

We place emphasis on the relevance of the competences taught.

We cooperate with many business partners. Our students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.

We use innovative teaching methods.

We use the latest technological solutions available (laboratories, specialised software, business games and simulations).

Our academic activity has a real impact on the public.

We provide a space for innovation and foster its implementation – not only by launching start-ups, but also by incorporating the solutions into everyday working life.

We run interdisciplinary research projects.

Bringing together experiences and people from different fields (e.g. business, science, humanities) allows us to innovate.


We foster a friendly environment conducive to combining work with learning and development.

We provide education in such a way that combining work and study is possible not only on part-time, post-diploma programmes, but also on full-time programmes in all educational profiles.

We take care of the good organisation of studies and administrative services.

We help students to efficiently deal with all the formalities. We offer hybrid, traditional or online programmes of study.

Our students and staff treat each other as partners.

Our expert lecturers, staff and students can exchange their experiences.

We offer a broad education profile with many programmes of study.

We are a member of the WSB-DSW Research Federation. Our academic activity embraces many fields.

We are open to change – we systematically carry out satisfaction surveys.

We listen and respond to the needs of our students, graduates, employees and the companies we work with by systematically conducting satisfaction surveys.

We make up a community in 11 Polish cities.

We are a group of universities that support each other and create new value, success and stability.

How have we been changing?

Our first university was founded in 1994  in Poznań. Today you can find us in 11 cities in Poland. Our presence in many regions enables us, among other things, to take full advantage of the opportunities for networking and mutual exchange of experience.

Questions and Answers

Are you a university candidate, our graduate or a partner? Look under the appropriate tab and check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why has WSB University changed its name?  
What does the name change mean in real terms?
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How will the change of the university name affect the visa process at the Polish consulate in my country? Will I receive an additional document with information about the name change?
Why has WSB University changed its name?
What does the name change mean in real terms?
What does the new name Merito mean?
What about my diploma (one already issued)?
In the future, will we also be a university of a higher category, with the word “Uniwersytet” in our Polish name? When will that happen?
I have graduated from WSB, are my graduate discounts valid at the university under the new name?
As a WSB graduate, can I exchange my diploma for a diploma with the new name? Upon written request, can I receive a diploma with the WSB logo?
I graduated from WSB University in 2022. In 2023, the university changed its name. How should I record this fact in my CV that I send to employers?
Have all WSB Universities changed their names?
Why has WSB University changed its name?
What does the name change mean in real terms?
What does the new name Merito mean?
Have all WSB Universities changed their names?

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